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Food Engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with physical, chemical, and biological sciences in processing, storage, marketing, and new product development of foods. The main duties of a food engineer include, but are not limited to, to produce a food product having the optimum eating quality and hygiene, to develop innovative food processing technologies and value added products, to take necessary measures to reduce waste in food processing and to prevent already diminishing food resources from extinction, to better preserve food quality and to increase product variability in the food industry. On top of that, a food engineer has to deal with current needs of our country by closely following new products and processing technologies in the world.

Department of Food Engineering at Manisa Celal Bayar University has been conducting its teaching and research activities in two main fields namely Food Technology and Food Science since its establishment in 1992. In undergraduate level, the first year is dedicated to courses dealing with fundamental sciences. In the following years, students take several food science, technology and food engineering courses. The Department has 4 classrooms and 5 research laboratories. It has 14 academic personnel, who have expertise in different areas of food engineering. Every year, 50 students are enrolled, who are successful in a national exam given by Turkish Higher Education Council.

We also have graduate level education and award Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Food engineers are involved in production of value-added food products and in the research and development of new products and processes. Our graduates are employed by Turkish Department of Agriculture, various government offices and by the private food sector.

Our Mission

“to train food engineers who have strong fundamentals of engineering, have ability to solve problems independently, may be a part of Research and Development in food processing, and have strong expertise in process control and food safety; have capability to do research addressing the problems of our country, in particular, of our region, and to be in the science of our society”

Our Vision

“to be one of the most preferred Food Engineering Department by prospective students in the Aegean Region, to properly train our students for the needs of industry, to promote a better relationship with industry, and to contribute to science and engineering conducting national and international level research and to be an acknowledged education and research institution”

Location of Food Engineering Department

The school is located in Muradiye, countryside of Manisa.

Engineering faculty is 22 km to Manisa and 45 km to İzmir

(, third largest city of Turkey.

Students can easily visit many historical sites around Manisa by daily trip: 
İzmir , Kuşadası, Çeşme, Selçuk (Ephesus Artemis Temple ; 
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